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E&P Waste Management
E&P Waste Management
  • Service Introduction

    Waste injection technology can be used onshore and offshore. It is an advanced waste treatment technology. It realizes ZERO discharge and effectively protects ecological terrestrial and marine environment.



    Selection of Injection Method



  • Service Capability

    TRISUN has complete cuttings and waste fluid injection technology, and is capable of developing and manufacturing complete set of injection equipment. TRISUN is capable of providing complete services including 


  • Equipment Capacity
    TRISUN is capable of designing and manufacturing whole CRI unit based on the special requirements of different projects.


    Processing Capacity 32BBL/hour
    Voltage 380V & 460V
    Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
    Outer Dimension 7200×2750×5200mm
    Weight(dry) 23T
    Processing Capacity 16BBL/hour
    Voltage 380V & 460V
    Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
    Outer Dimension 7950×2450×5200mm
    Weight(dry) 16T
    Rated Power 500 Hp
    Max. Discharge Rate 10.5BPM
    Plunger Size 4”
    Rated Pressure 7900 psi
    Outer Dimension 5800×2000×2600mm
    Weight(dry) 16T
    Processing Capacity 72BBL/hour
    Voltage 380V & 460V
    Frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
    Outer Dimension 11000×2750×5200mm
    Weight(dry) 46T
  • Technical Advantages
    It is the only permanent processing method to meet the standards of “ZERO” discharge.
    No occupation of surface land.
    Prevent the possibility of secondary pollution.
    No thermal treatment to increase greenhouse effect, and no exhaust emission.
    A safe processing method, all wastes will be sealed up into formulation permanently.
    Certain competitiveness on cost, which reduce dependence on facilities such as vessels and cranes etc., which cannot be affected by severe weather and keep on injecting operation for 24 hours. It realizes injection while drilling and improves the efficiency of drilling.
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