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Automated Tank Cleaning Services
  • Service Introduction

    Automated tank cleaning is an advanced, mechanical, automated, fully closed cleaning technology. It uses jet washer to jet the cleaning medium under certain temperature, pressure and volume on the surface to be cleaned. The sludge can be removed from the surface and can be recovered. It is safe, economic and environmental (95% hydrocarbons from the sludge can be recovered).

  • Service Capability
    TRISUN’s automated tank cleaning services, with state-of-the-art technology, developed and manufactured by Jereh , which can be used to clean 50,000 bbl to 1,000,000 bbl crude oil storage tanks, gasoline tanks, diesel tanks, chemical tanks and production tank.

    Comparison between Manual Tank Cleaning and Automated Tank Cleaning
    Tank Size/BBL Manual Tank Cleaning/DAY Automated Tank Cleaning/DAY
    100,000 50-90  13-15 
    300,000 90-120  18-20
    600,000 120-160  25-30
    1,000,000 170-210 30

  • Equipment Capacity

    TRISUN provides complete set of automated tank cleaning equipment sales and training.


  • Technical Advantages
    Regulatory compliance.
    Better cleaning effect.
    Time saving.
    Min.environmental influence.
    Safe environment.
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